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Cheeseburger - Groovy rock band featuring Edwin the Human Kitten.

Empath - Abduction - Musical exploration of one woman's encounter with the unknown.

Thomas Ferranti - Purveyor of Arnie Comix and the Hunchback of Nostradamus.

Marc Mylar - An online collection of music from the main Trigon dude.

Sean - A 12-year-old super-genius who is bored.

Stubbo, the Cat With No Paws - Experience the cartoon world of our favorite feline.

John Trubee - Space & Time Catalog, featuring cultural artifacts beyond the realm.

The Tuffies - Let's get naked and fight with Edwin, Jeff, and Scott.

Two Separate Gorillas - Riff & Groove musical experiments w/ Owen Green and Marc Mylar.

Karl Alexander - Dancemusik maestro extraordinaire and his Revolution Love.

Out There...

Backbiter - Featuring rock gods Jonathan Hall, Heath Seifert, and Bob Lee

Bag:Theory - Masters of improvisation, with percussionist M. Segal and guitarist Anthony Cossa.

Dionysus Records - The finest in Garage, Surf, Rockabilly, Exotica, and more.

The Fibonnacis - L.A.'s classic 80's "Art Band" (not a fart band); Real Audio samples.

Eddie Flowers / Slippy Town - All about Crawlspace and the Slippy Town Times.

Garage And Beat! - Groovy new mag by Tuffies mastermind P. Edwin Letcher..

Graphic Penguin - Featuring master Web site designer Jon Vogel.

Owen Green - The renowned avant-bassist unleashes his Advanced Musical Phenomena.

Bruce Hollihan - Also known as Watusi, a nom de guerre for Ormus.

Meshugenah - Ridiculous band of Jewish musical deviants from Baltimore.

Bob Lee - Legendary drummer, man-about-town, and bon vivant.

POPDeFECT - The best known invisible cult band playing around the country today.

Psiosphere - A hyper-serial adventure in cognitive topologies and provisional identities.

Zoogz Rift - The Liquid Moamo (Il Moano Liquido).

Scram - A journal of unpopular culture -- Kim Cooper, Editrix.

Greg Segal - "Phantom Airship", home page of the ex-Paper Bag guitarist.

Jonathan Sharkey - Musician, Politician.

Spumco - The Ren & Stimpy folks are at it again.

Through The Woods - Very eclectic pop music; new CD, "Over The River And..."

Triple X Records - One of the original indie-punk labels; home of the Dickies, Jeff Dahl, etc.

Phil "Brick" Wahl - Journalist, Raconteur.

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