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the truth about alien abduction from a real victim
a new concept CD by Empath tells the
story of Maria and her true-life encounter

From Awareness Magazine:

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This is the journey of Maria Cuccia through her alien abduction experience, expressed through music, dialogue, and weirdness.  It took a lot of courage to undertake a project of this magnitude. The fear of ridicule and vulnerability that haunts alien abductees is usually crippling.

In Abduction, Maria Cuccia works through these pains in a cathartic fashion, sharing each step, visitations, memories, impressions and so forth, so as the listeners can empathize with her plight.

The strength of this project lies in the production and musical arrangement work of Gerry Cannizzaro (Brain Storm/Rock Dog Records).  Cannizzaro keeps the project moving forward, exhibiting a sense of musical timing that merged Cuccia's endorphin, adrenaline induced state of being with a rock 'n roll pulse. This produced a heartbeat that remained steady, sometimes frenetic, yet capturing a sense that something real and frightening was occurring.

Abduction, released to an area that is oversaturated with a plethora of information, still manages to provide a groundbreaking look at this misunderstood and misinterpreted phenomenon. During the dialog sequences, Cuccia and her husband discuss the medical profession's point of view that she needs to ingest lithium.  Her husband concedes that she is different, forcing an unwanted adjustment on his part. Cuccia responds with honest trepidation and a sincere cry for someone to genuinely help her.

What are we left with here?  This CD is not the ravings of a deluded mad person desperately seeking attention, but the restrained sobs of a frightened child who does not know where to turn. I sincerely trust that Abduction will find its way to those searching for the strength to explain their similar experiences. Maria Cuccia did, unashamedly, and very creatively.

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