A nutritious rock band featuring Edwin the Human Kitten

the next time they hit the stage
in the Los Angeles area!

Finally! Here's a small version of "Chicken Dog" the Movie, featuring
the antics of Stubo, the Cat With No Paws, with music by Cheeseburger.  
Click here to download (AVI, 3.7 MB).

New Cheeseburger Relase: "Escape From Chicken Island" CD

To listen to and download songs from the CD,
check out the new Cheeseburger site on MP3.com

"This band must be seen to be heard!"
-- The Independent Observer

Click here to see a flier
Click here to see a flyer

 Click here to see a friar

Click here to hear the song "Chicken Dog" (RealAudio G2 28.8)

Click here to hear the "Underwear Song" (RealAudio G2 28.8)
Click hear to download the song, "Chicken Dog" (MP3, 440kb)

Past Fliers/Flyers

CheeseburgerCheeseburger at Al's Bar (1997) - 60 kb

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