Cartoonery by P. Edwin Letcher

All cats love to lick paws.  Alas, poor Stubbo was born without any.  But that doesn't slow this feline down, cuz Stubbo is sneaky. Our hero trots through life searching high and low for lickable appendages, resorting to a bit of trickery along the way.

Finally! Here's a small version of "Chicken Dog" (with music by Cheeseburger):

 "Chicken Dog" (AVI, 3.7 MB)

New! Three years in the's the second Stubbo episode, "Curse Of The Mummy" (with music by The Tuffies):

"Curse Of The Mummy" (AVI, DivX codec, 14.8 MB)

"Curse Of The Mummy" (RealVideo, 3.3 MB)

Stills from "Curse Of The Mummy" (click to see larger version):


The following episodes of the long-running adventures of Stubbo contain GIF images.  Starting with episode 3, they are in color! A computer is required to properly view these panels.  You have been warned!

Episode 1 - "Hilo Hijinx"

Episode 2 - "Outta This World"

Episode 3 - "Gut Check"

Episode 4 - "Where's My Cheese"

Episode 5 - "The Great Stubbo Nebula"

Episode 6 - "Farm Cat"

Episode 7 - "Hotel Notel"

Episode 8 - "Freeze Dried Mouse"

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