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Wray is a native Californian and graduate of Fresno State University with an M.A. in fine art, specializing in painting and drawing.  Intrigued by the work in Basil Wolverton's 50's horror/sci-fi comics, he began being published by various comics in 1980 and continued until 1992. During that time he appeared in over 60 different books with 300+ pages/illos printed, either as an artist, colorist or production assistant.  Highlights include winning the international "ugly art contest" in Robert Crumb's Weirdo magazine, cover and lead story in Vortex #12 comic, restoration of 30+ pages of Basil Wolverton's work, 18 pages of his in the soft bound book Oddballs anthology, and making friends with underground comix artists including Mary Fleener, Dennis Worden, and Kaz.

Wray is currently doing monster head sculptures, computer art and working on a puppet show presentation for Nickelodeon, Fox, MTV, and others.   He has also recently been writing for Filmfax and Outré Magazines, including an article on Wolverton.

Best Pals

"Best Pals" - 40 kb

Melting "Melting" - 69 kb
Dreamland "Dreamland" - 26kb
X-9: Big Guns "X-9: Big Guns" - 33 kb
X-12: Donut Run "X-12: Donut Run" - 40 kb
New World Order "New World Order" - 16 kb

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