Get Yer Za Za Yout   CLAW HAMMER  -  Get Yer Za Za Yout!


I'm not sure whether this is an official release or just a promo thing...I got it on cassette from Trigon.  It's a live to air radio show on LA's KPFK radio and it's got all Claw Hammer's greatest hits in one very long package...I haven't clocked it, but I'd wager this thing runs an hour and it pretty well kicks the whole time.  The sound is impressively a regulation studio record.  There's practically no noticable screwups, and the energy level is impressive.  It's all there...the half strangled vocals, the crazed tempo changes and off beat songs, the driving guitars, the entire enchilada.  Think I like this better than their first lp, 'cos it has all those great tracks from the singles.  Usually live lps released early in a band's recording career don't have a lot of staying power, but I reckon this will do better than most.

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