Master Plan   THE RIOT ACT - "Master Plan / Tacoma"

LOS ANGELES READER (February 22, 1991) - "Beyond the Alternative"

You don't always have to send halfway around the globe for recordings by groups that perform in your own backyard, however.  The Riot Act (no relation to -- and, in fact, much more earth-shattering than -- the Universal Studios Tour attraction) is a hard-working local foursome that crystallizes influences from vntage garage punk to seventies glam to various area icons into its richly rebellious Master Plan single (Trigon).  Singer-guitarist Carmin includes herself out of wicked schemes on the tough-minded title track, marked by axeman Mike's (the jacket only lists first names) crunchy riffs.  Turn it over for the standout "Tacoma," a fiercely sonic dirge for a local scene that lived too long, and too little.


The Riot Act are without question on of L.A.'s 6 or 7 best bands...far more interesting than most of the sonic sludge fouling radio station playlists.  They're an elemental R&R band inspired by Patti Smith, the Ramones and NRBQ.  Singer Carmen Hillebrew belts out throaty, heartfelt vocals, working herself into such a frenzy that she cannot speak with people immediately after a gig.  This kind of enthusiasm spills over to the crowd...a first-class R&R show that will not disappoint.  This is a band poised to take off, one that should have been signed a long time ago.


King-hell garage rockin' from the biggest Sonics fans this side of Oregon.  Pure R&R from all-around "I Love Rock 'n Roll" kinda gal Carmen Hillebrew and her ballsy rockers.  Carmen is the queen of garage grunge and contender for the Joan Jett Rockin' Award for the best female singer / songwriter / guitarist on the Hollywood club scene (not to mention her great taste in music!)...hardcore, raunchy, and fast."

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