July 15th, 2002

Dear Readers,

I am a ten-year-old super genius, who is extremely bored. I am writing "Sean Solomon News" because my knowledge should be shared with the less fortunate. Hope you enjoy.

The Simpsons being sued?
On an episode of the Simpsons, the Simpsons go to Brazil. On the episode there were killer monkeys, painted rats, a show called "teleboobies" and Homer was kidnapped by a taxicab driver. Brazil threatened to sue the Simpsons but James Brooks, the producer, apologized for the episode and offered Homer Simpson to box the President of Brazil on the FOX show "Celebrity Boxing".

The chicken or the egg?
You may think this is the stupidest article in the world, well you were right. But the question still remains. What came first, the chicken or the egg? Its like trying to find out why kids like Apple Jacks. You just don't know and if you ask me it should stay that way.

The Osbournes
On hit show the Osbournes there is swearing, fighting, and more swearing. They use words such as #@%*&, @#!$ and @$!#@#. If you ask any ten-year-old boy what they think of the Osbournes, they will say best show ever. It is mostly about Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon telling their kids Jack and Kelly Osbourne not to do drugs. It doesn't matter how boring the episode is as long as their is swearing. To sum it up, @$#$!, &^$@ and !@#%. Parental discretion advised.

-- Sean Solomon