musings by brick wahl  

Subj: Brick'n'Fyl's 20th--The No Real Band Nite Hootenanny
     @ Al's Sat 12/2/00
Date: 00-11-21 21:11:46 EST

The Weirdathon at Mr. T's was a smashing success, and thanks to all who came and especially the bands--Two Separate Gorillas, Universal Congress Of, Carnage Asada, and the great Fatso Jetson, and to the people with the guts to get up between the acts--Christian Lunch, Frieda Rente, Ron E. Fast and Fred the Muddman. Everybody was superb. Steve Reed called it one of the best shows of the year. And that cake was great, too.

Now onto Phase Two of Brick'n'Fyl's little 20th Wedding Anniversary. With the weird stuff out of the way, it's time for the sloppy, loose and wanton--you know, lots of punk rock a la Masque. Other stuff, too, but lots of punk rock. So Saturday, December 2, 2000 at 9:00 p.m. sharp begins our No Real Band Nite Hootenanny, featuring (in order):

--Lex Wahl of the Lexington Devils/Jakk tinkling all over the ivories.

--The Lucky Trucks featuring the Mayor of Port Hueneme, the Hon. Jon Sharkey (who actually saw the original Velvet Underground three times!!!)

--Devadip Ravi Schanker Gunga Din Mahatma Mogli "Miguelino" Mike Amundsen (who played this very bar in Christian Death twenty years ago) plays your fave television themes on the sitar.

--Tony, Toni, Tone, Owen & Marc w/ ex-Bellrays, Zoogz Rift Shitheads and other stars, and I have no idea what they are gonna do.

--Motorcycle Black Madonna Two Wheeled Gypsy Queen featuring Marea w/ members of Backbiter and the Angry Samoans. Marea denies being the Yoko of the band.

--Sketch McCain Gutterblast w/ members of Suplex Slam, Backbiter, Angry Samoans and the Riot Act. Sketch recently sang with Arthur "Killer" Kane of the New York Dolls and lived to tell about it.

--Donovan's Fairies w/ members of Yard Trauma, Thee Forgiven and Backbiter, fronted by the legendary Paul Grant (something about the Pandoras, rock'n'roll Denny's and right there in front of God and everybody.) Last time the Fairies played, Paul got his feather boa caught in a car door and swore never to perform again.

--The Bob Lee with members of the Dickies, Claw Hammer, Backbiter, the Angry Samoans, Slow Rider, Foreign Object, Nip Drivers, Paper Tulips, 1910 Fruitgum Co and whatever else band Bob has ever been in (ask him about the time he sang with Mudhoney--really!!!)

--Wiener Gotcha with a mix of Humpers (Scott Drake) and Mike Watt's band (Steve Reed) and Public Enema/Keene White/Violent Negroes/Group Sex and a hot session drummer.

--Silky and the Glow Worms is a bunch of has-been (& a never-was) old punk fucks (Edwin, Phester Swollen, Ron E. Fast & Brick) that used to play George's Cafe in Santa Barbara with Black Flag and the Urinals and others in 1979 and weren't those the days?

--The Wahl Bros: Lex, Jon & Brick playing on stage together for the first time ever. Gosh.

And remember--no blues jams allowed. Anyone attempting to start one will be hauled bodily from the stage. I know the opening chord progression so don't fuck with me.

This line up is apt to change at the slightest whim. Show is set to start at 9:00 sharp. Sets will be short and sweet. And speaking of sweet, that last chocolate cake was so goddamned good Fyl is ordering another for this event.

Cover is $5.00, and whatever proceeds remain after paying off club and equipment expenses will be donated to the amazing Exotic Feline Breeding Compound out in Rosamond--it's one of the coolest and most exotic (and scientifically run--we're not talking movie star hobbies) zoos we've been to, and it's re-introducing endangered big cat species to areas like Manchuria where they have been driven to extinction. Cool place. Big, mean people-eating jaguars, tigers, leopards, and more. In a gorgeous desert setting. Check it out.

Thanks and hope to see ya,