musings by brick wahl  

Subj: Yugo-punk at Al's Bar--Wed. 10/7!
Date: 98-10-07 14:28:28 EDT

Well, last night two of Slovenia's finest each played a stunning set at the Bar Deluxe. And tonight they play at Al's bar. AND THERE'S NO COVER!

HIC ET NUNC (Latin, they tell me, for "here and now") are an amazing mix of hooks and pure power. With great songwriting skills and a lack of those worn-out cliches that seem to sap so many punk or garage acts, this is as potent a three piece as you are likely ever to see, with an intensity matching that of great local acts like classic Claw Hammer, Backbiter, the Bellrays or Pop Defect. Except maybe these guys are meaner, hungrier. I don't know when, if ever, they will be in town again, so tonight is your last chance. You won't be disappointed.

DICKY B HARDY were a complete surprise--a bunch of crazed Slovenians (one of the former Yugoslavian republics) gone nuts on the sounds of classic Australian punk rock. I heard influences of Radio Birdman, the Celibate Rifles, the Saints and the Cosmic Psychos in one berzerk Slovenian package. These guys are all over the stage, and they got such a wall of sound you don't even realize at first there's no bass player up there. Two guitars, drums and a whirling dervish of a frontman.  Great stuff.

For you collector geeks, they are also selling lots of impossible-to-find-over-here CDs and records (and t-shirts) by themselves and other great Slovenian and Bosnian punk and underground bands. And they're all nice guys. (There's a helluva interview just waiting here, zinesters...)

So what the hell, it's a no-cover Wednesday at Al's, and Toast was nice enough to put both these guys on at the last minute. Give it a shot and support high quality rock'n'roll from survivors of the Yugoslavian civil war.

And don't forget to tip the bartender.

Thanks again.


ps: if you know anyone who might be interested, please pass this on.

pps: gracias a Dave Travis y Dez y la toda de la Carnage Asada familia, as well as Bomb, Travis and Tieg of the Lamebranes for letting these guys play (as well as putting on great sets of their own opening and closing, respectively).