m a r c   m y l a r
Marc Mylar first experimented with photography while in high school, using the darkroom as a tool for image manipulation.  With the advent of computers, and software such as Photoshop and Painter, he continues to mine that vein.  In upcoming experiments, Mylar plans to add LightWave 3D to his artistic arsenal.

Vegas Reflections

"Vegas Reflections" - 51 kb

Hotel Entrance "Hotel Entrance" - 75 kb
Helmet World "Helmet World" - 46 kb
Beatnik Bryan "Beatnik Bryan" - 48 kb
Smokin' Cup "Smokin' Cup" - 70 kb
Vision #1 "Vision #1" - 64 kb
London 1975 "London 1975" - 50 kb
The Joker "The Joker" - 58 kb

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