g r e g   l l o y d  ( m r .  d i n g l e )
In a continuing effort to undermine reality using such diverse mediums as collage, music, websites and fake religious pamphlets, Advanced Dogmatic Studies has been 'tearing down the walls' for the past thirteen years. With no formal training co-founder Greg Lloyd is once again on the attack, this time plucking popular icons, cartoon characters and aliens out of familiar settings and immersing them into the unusual.

Alien Portrait #2

"Alien Portrait #2" - 65 kb

Trumpet "Trumpet" - 51 kb
The Limbless Chicken vs. The Urkelbots "The Limbless Chicken
 vs. The Urkelbots " - 73 kb
Alien Portrait #1 "Alien Portrait #1" - 61 kb

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