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A Good Ass-Kicking Wears Many Faces
(CD - $10.00)
A Good Ass-Kicking Wears Many Faces
A good ass-kicking wears many faces when dished out by Bag: Theory. Using ‘The Paper Bag: Theory of Controlled Chaos & Spontaneous Composing’, M. Segal (Paper Bag:, Sativa Luv Box, FreeHead) and Anthony Cossa (Bottom 12, Texas Terri & the Stiff Ones, Fried To A Crisp) are a percussion/guitar duo for the modern age. With the aid of bass & Stick master Tom Shannon (Death & Taxe$), keyboard visionary Matt Brown, bass god George Radai (Paper Bag:, Ritual), ‘bad vibes’ purveyor Richie Hass (Zoogz Rift, Saccharine Trust), and the unique woodwind madness of Marc Mylar (Two Separate Gorillas, Zoogz Rift), Bag: Theory serves up 13 slices of genius pulled from the air. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying, "hell, that’s improvised?" (TCD-116)
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Orgy of the Elements
Last Scream of the Missing Surfer
DeQuincey Dreams Again
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